Get an overview of the ship’s medicine

SEACAT-Schmeding developed a system that makes it possible to get a quick overview of the ship’s medicine. This helps the person responsible for the medical supplies on board ensure that the medicine is always ready if something unfortunate should happen.

When a ship sails out, it is important that it is carrying medicine to cover all scenarios. However, a large proportion of the medicine will not be used, which means there is a high risk that many of the medical products will pass their expiration date.

If the person responsible for the medicine on board the ship has no overview of the shelf life information, it could prove fatal to the crew. Ultimately, the person responsible for the medicine may risk being sentenced to up to two years in prison if missing or expired medicine is shown to have caused a lack of treatment on board.

Keep an eye on the medicine’s status

Simpel and easy

Your job is to keep track of the consumption of medicine on board – and our system will keep an eye on the medicine’s status at all times. The system will notify you of the medication’s expiry date, thus giving the person responsible a quick overview of the medicine chest so they can make sure that it complies with the rules.

By registering your vessel with SEACAT-Schmeding at, you will always know when a certificate is due to expire. When the medicine and/or certificate needs to be updated, the person responsible for the medicine will be notified by SEACAT-Schmeding’s system. SEACAT-Schmeding will then contact the shipowner or the ship directly and make sure that new medicines and certificates are ordered and delivered.

Across Scandinavia and Germany, SEACAT-Schmeding represents a Dutch ship pharmacy supplying approx. 70% of the Danish fleet with medicines.

We can deliver a wide range of medicine chests in which the medicine and medical equipment have labels in English as well as the language of the flag state to which the ship’s chest belongs.


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