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A ship cannot sail unless the equipment is all present and correct. Therefore, missing equipment must be delivered as soon as possible. SEACAT-Schmeding offers a wide range of anchors, anchor chains and fittings with fast delivery worldwide.

Over the years, SEACAT-Schmeding has specialised in delivering equipment for all kinds of ships. We have many years of experience in the field and we therefore know what equipment is required for each ship and each situation. This is reflected in our broad range of equipment.

We can deliver anchors and anchor chains in all possible sizes. We stock anchors in all sizes and anchor chains from 16 to 56 mm. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of fittings in sizes 16 to 84 mm.

Everything we offer comes with a certificate from the major classification societies. No matter what equipment is needed, SEACAT-Schmeding is able to deliver worldwide.

Since 2007, we have had a warehouse in Hamburg, where we stock a wide range of anchors, anchor chains and fittings. SEACAT-Schmeding is now located in both Svendborg (Denmark) and Hamburg (Germany).

In our Hamburg warehouse, SEACAT-Schmeding stock the most common anchors. We offer both standard and High Holding Power models. This includes different types, from High Holding Power types AC-14, Danforth and D’Hone to the more common “Hall” and “Spek” anchors.

Both anchors and anchor chains are available in various sizes and dimensions, and certificates can be provided from the leading classification societies worldwide.


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